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I am not able to accept clients at this time due to ongoing health challenges within my family. I hope to return to serving my precious clients again very soon. In fact, I am in the preliminary stages of relaunching.  If you are a returning client and would like to be a part of the "soft opening" process, please contact me.  I won't officially start accepting new clients until I can deliver the experience you deserve!  If you want to be notified when I can start serving clients again, please fill out the form below and I will keep in touch. As always, communication is always very important to me!

I am a true color photographer who primarily serves Greene and Albemarle counties in Virginia, particularly between Charlottesville and Ruckersville.  I offer sessions outdoors, in my home studio, or I can come to your home!  You can check out some of my portfolio on my Sessions pages.  Here is a little more about our mission...
Caring | My mission is to serve you well!
​​​​​​​Hi!  My name is Dianne Greene and I am the owner and lead photographer at Remembering Stones Photography.  I have been capturing beautiful memories professionally since 2019, previously as Inspired Photography by Dianne.  I have been pursuing my passion for photography, as a hobby, since 1999.​​
If you want to work with someone who is understanding and compassionate, that is me!  As a special needs mom, I understand life happens and can be unpredictable.  My kids have taught me so many wonderful things including seeing and celebrating the small victories. I also have learned to be patient and understanding with all ages as well as different developmental and behavioral challenges.  I get it!  With me, you don't have to apologize or explain.  There is no judgment here, just love!  I love to capture life as it is.  Moments that seem like chaos can be beautiful moments too.  

Life is full of all kinds of seasons, both the good and the hard.  No matter the season, it is important to learn and grow from them all.  You are able to remember where you have been by capturing moments of where you are now. I want to create these beautifully inspired memories with you no matter the season you find yourself in.  I will always strive for ways to create an enjoyable and customized experience for all of my clients!
Customized | Finding your style together!
I am a true color photographer who creates a customized experience just for you!  I use light to create whatever your aesthetic goals may be, whether it is a pastel "light and airy," a vibrant "bold and beautiful," or an eye-catching "dark and dramatic."  I like to use my knowledge, as well as lighting, location, and posing choices, to create memories that you will treasure for years to come.  This can be a collaborative experience or I can take the lead as your Creative Director, or a combination of the two!  Photography is definitely an investment that increases in value as time moves on... you can't get this time back!

I offer sessions outdoors, in the studio, and in your home.  I can make arrangements at different venues as well.  We will discuss what location type you are looking for, or specific ones, and I will make all of the arrangements!  I always do light studies before every session because the light of a location changes throughout the year.  We will find the right time and location that works with your schedule and the look you are going for!  If I have not been there in person before, I will preview the location at no cost to you to further ensure that you will have beautiful images.

My passion is to capture the unique moments, expressions, and personalities of your family.  When you look at your images, I want you to walk away with images that make you want to say, "THAT'S THEM!"  
Creative | A fun and unique experience is my goal every time!
Preparation.  Every good session begins with a plan!  First, we will start with a conversation, preferably via Zoom/FaceTime/Google Meet, so we can talk about or find your style, discuss what your goals are for your session, and how you want to use the memories we capture together.  I use that knowledge to create a session plan for time, location(s), lighting, posing, and styling.  I am also available for outfit consultations to help you achieve the look you want and to use my professional eye to see if an outfit will be flattering or cohesive with the aesthetic you are going for.

Session.  During the session, I have been known to play music, set people at ease, and to have fun.  I like to capture the spontaneous moments between posed shots.  I will often give directed candid posing in addition to traditional posing.  My ultimate goal is to capture genuine fun and personalities.  I encourage parents of littles to secretly bring rewards for a job well done to assist with cooperation.  I want you to know that I can capture a lot of great moments in a short amount of time.

Post-Processing.  We also work together to figure out the end goals for your images from editing and retouching preferences to creating artwork ready for you to display in your home! If you need help narrowing down your images, I can help with that too free of charge!  You are welcome to use the print release I offer to all of my clients or take advantage of my professional lab to create prints, wall art, canvases, albums, and more.  It is important to note that I cannot control the outcome if you use external labs.  I calibrate my computer to my preferred professional lab so that I can control and ensure the best quality for you.

It is important to know that there is never any pressure from me!  My heart is always to help fulfill your desires as best I can.  I have even been known to give clients a heads-up when I see sales from other labs, especially when I know budget is more of a concern than quality.  I want you to enjoy these memories without requiring another item on your to-do list.  You can be fully involved or hand over your experience to my very capable hands.  I am always here to help support you every step of the way!
Upcoming Limited Edition Sessions
Limited Edition Sessions are basically "mini sessions," a great budget-friendly and easy-planning option, scheduled on specific days with one theme and one location.  Sessions are back-to-back so being on time is very important and I will not be able to extend sessions unless you book two or more slots.  They are not as customizable as my normal sessions.  They come with a specific number of images with the option to purchase additional images individually or upgrade to the full gallery at a discounted rate.  The preview galleries are not as large as normal sessions because of time and I narrow down images to show you a great variety of the best.  You don't purchase Image Collections separately because this is a packaged deal.  Each Limited Edition Session is unique, so be sure to check the details.
There Are No Limited Edition Sessions Scheduled At This Time...
Remembering Stones Photography | What is in a name?
For me, the reason I do what I do is to capture your beautiful moments so that you will want to share, display, and treasure them for a long time to come.  Our lives are always changing as we grow and follow God's path for our lives. This concept is so evident with how quickly our children change... physically, as well as their interests, and so much more.  I think it is important to remember where we are so that we can treasure where we have been.

This idea reminds me of the story of Joshua crossing into the promised land. God stopped the flow of the Jordan River and told them to take the river stones as they crossed it and use them to build a monument to remember all God has done.  It is time to remember where we are now!​​​​​​​
...then you shall tell them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord. When it passed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. So these stones shall be to the people of Israel a memorial forever.” 
- Joshua 4:7
I think photos can be like remembering stones for us!
Do you have any questions or would like to learn more?  
Please contact me... I am happy to serve!
Thank you! I will be in touch!
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