Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions clients have asked me.  If you have more, please email me!  I want to add more and help others like you!!!
FAQ About Selections
I am in a season in life where I want pictures, but I don't want to make any decisions.  Can you help me?
Absolutely!  We all have seasons like that from time to time.  If you want to do nothing, I understand.  I can pick the location, suggest a length of time depending on who is participating, and I can even pick the best of the best photos for you!  I may have some questions for you, but I won't care if your answer is, "I don't know."  I am here to support you no matter the craziness of your season.  Honestly, if this is you, I am proud of you for taking the chance to add one more thing because you know time is fleeting, and taking the time to do this now will give you memories that will last.
Why is there a Session Fee and an Image Collection?
It is important to know that one of my goals is to make your experience as cost-effective as possible.  I am a small business and must cover my expenses and make a living to stay in business.  I don't want you paying for things you don't need or want.  My goal is to give you a customized experience tailored to your needs.  To do this well, I have separated the Session Fee from the images you receive.
What is a Session Fee and what is included?
The Session Fee includes the cost of communication, setup + maintenance of equipment, travel, general business operating expenses, furthering education, and the use of my knowledge and creativity as a professional photographer, as well as the time it takes to hold the session, cull the images, and deliver the Preview Gallery.  ​​​​​​​
What is an Image Collection and what is included?
The Image Collection is based on the cost of the time it takes to edit each of the images by hand and a portion of the other tools, services, and knowledge that I use to give you beautiful final images.  
You will also receive a print credit that can be used for prints and canvases within fourteen (14) days of receiving your Final Gallery.  I will remind you so that you don't miss out.  There is no cash value for the print credit included in your Image Collection.  
I offer clients a print release so they can print their images wherever they wish.  I want to serve you more than my "bottom line."  I want you to have the freedom to choose.  I cannot guarantee the quality when you print elsewhere.  My computer is calibrated (adjusted) to match the professional print lab I print through.  Image quality is guaranteed when you purchase through me.
Why are there so many choices?
As I said, I desire to provide you with a wonderful, customized experience.  For example, I don't want you to feel limited to a few packages.  I can accomplish many different looks during a fifteen (15) minute session and I don't want you to feel like you only get five (5) images during a mini-session.  I want you to be able to select how many photos you want and not be limited.  You don't have to make these decisions alone.  You can have three (3) free consultation options with me to plan your session, choose outfits, and help you select images.  I am here to support and advise you so we can create a customized experience you will enjoy.  You don't have to make any decisions alone!
Should I prepay for an Image Collection or choose one after my session?
There is no right or wrong with this choice!  It is just personal preference.  If you prepay for an Image Collection when you book your session, you can divide it into budget-friendly payments at no extra cost.  It is also helpful if you prefer to limit how much you want to spend during your experience with me.  There is no risk to you if you prepay.
If you realize you want more images when you see your preview gallery... I've got you covered!  When you upgrade your Image Collection, the prepaid amount will automatically be applied toward your new Image Collection.  You will only be responsible for the difference.  I always check to see if there are ways to save you money with my current pricing structure.  I will always have your best interest at heart!
FAQ About the Booking Process
Why are there contracts?
Contracts are to help set clear expectations and protections for both parties.  It gives you a layout of the session's time and location, the price to be paid and when, and what you will get from me within a set amount of time.  It keeps me accountable and you will have documentation to prove it!  It also clearly communicates what I need from you before and during a session.  It is just a form of clear communication that I am a big fan of!
I am interested in paying with my bank account but I have not heard of Stripe.  Is it safe?​​​​​​​
I completely understand your question!  I am very cautious when giving out my debit card and banking information too!  This may help.  There are two main payment processors, Stripe and Square.  You likely have heard of Square.  They are all about making their brand, and business name, known.  Stripe doesn't do that.  If you have ever made a payment using a debit or credit card without a Square device, then your payment was likely processed by Stripe.  It is always good to do your due diligence, but I would not use Stripe if I did not trust it.  Companies like Amazon, Google, Lyft, Shopify, and Zoom use Stripe. I always encourage you to do your research if you are unsure.
I haven't heard of CloudSpot before.  I saw that name when I went to pay my invoice.  Is it safe?​​​​​​​
Cloudspot Inc. is the CRM (customer relationship management) software I use to help with scheduling, sending contracts and invoices, taking payments, and sharing photos.  I also use it to keep information about your session organized and secure.  This software is a tool that enables me to provide a superior experience.  I have done a lot of research comparing different CRMs and they do a fantastic job!
Why do you have a model release in your contract?​​​​​​​
Most photographers share images of their clients to visually show others what memories they can make for prospective clients.  My website would not have any samples unless someone signed a model release so I could share their memories.  Some photographers will charge if you wish to keep your images private.  I will NEVER do that!  If you ask, I will remove that clause from your contract.  If you would feel more comfortable approving which photos I use first, I have no problem doing this and adding it to your contract!  My most important consideration is your comfort, preferences, and experience working with me.  I am very grateful for every client who has generously allowed me to share their images anonymously, that is, unless they requested to be tagged 😉. 
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