About Us

About Us
Dianne Greene | Owner/Photographer
I am a Jesus-worshiping, people-loving, coffee-drinking mama native to Virginia.  I grew up in northern Virginia and moved to the Charlottesville area in 2009. When I am not trying to have quiet time, homeschooling, or doing all the things that photography entails, I am usually cooking food as close to the way God created it.  I have a few autoimmune diseases and supporting my body through natural foods makes such a difference!

I have three beautiful children who are growing up way too fast... seriously!  I have been the shortest person in the family since 2022.  I enjoy supporting my husband's hobby of woodworking and helping him to establish a side business. I have a daughter you will likely meet who frequents as my assistant and second shooter regularly.  She is quite creative with an independent spirit.  It won't be long until she graduates high school!  My middle son loves to create videos, new characters, and stories despite his learning challenges due to autism.   My youngest son loves Marvel and gaming and is learning to be a coder.  I love them all and the things that make each one of them so unique.  They are quite the neurodiverse crew that has taught me a lot!  I have learned how to celebrate the small victories, embrace them where they are, have reasonable expectations, and grow in patience.  It has been quite a journey homeschooling them and I look forward to seeing what God has planned for these teenagers.

I first became interested in photography when I was in high school.  I remained interested and dabbled here and there as a hobby.  In 2019 I first had the idea of pursuing it as a source of additional income for our family.  I started with friends and family and it grew from there.  I officially became an LLC in 2019 and started taking clients as Inspired Photography by Dianne.  I rebranded as Remembering Stones Photography to better express my vision as a photography business and to get the focus off of me.  My focus is on my clients and serving you well.  I will always continue to grow my knowledge as a photographer.  This is FAR from an exhaustive list of trainings I have participated in, but you can get an idea.  I will always seek to grow in skill so that I can serve you better.  Learning and teaching others is a passion of mine.  
Volunteer Work

I also use my skills as a volunteer photographer for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  They provide grieving families of newborns with a terminal diagnosis or a baby that has passed away in the womb or shortly after birth free of charge.  I believe in remembering the different seasons in our lives, the good and the hard.  They all make up our story and contribute to the person we become.  All life is precious and I want to be able to provide professional images to grieving families so they can remember their child.  Some families don't want to look at them at first because the hurt is so raw, and that is okay!  If pictures are not taken during a season, you can't go back and you will not have the images to look back on and remember.  This goes for everyone and is a big reason why I changed my business name to Remembering Stones Photography.
Sarah Greene | Assistant + Second Shooter
Sarah is a Junior in high school.  She has always had a creative eye.  When she is not doing school or participating in youth group activities, she loves to cook new creations with fresh ingredients.  She has created her own pet-sitting business and enjoys babysitting.  She has such a heart for people which leads me to believe she will enter into a service career once she leaves high school.  Her favorite forms of photography are macro photography and events to document those candid moments.
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