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A great image helps you to have a good first impression.  There is a big difference between headshots and branding sessions.  Headshots are great when you need just one or two images and your environment is minimal or non-existent.  Branding sessions are much more inclusive.  It can be centered on a person, the environment, emotional interaction, products, services, and more!  You typically get many more images with branding sessions, it involves much more planning, and it can require commercial licensing of your images if you are promoting yourself, your business, or your products.
Headshots are usually cropped in images of a person which is useful for a website's about page, marketing for presentations and conferences, and social media posts.  Having good, professional headshots when applying for jobs or keeping your LinkedIn account up to date is very effective when giving the outside world a first impression.  Most only need one image, but more will be available.  Professional retouching is included!  

I will direct posing and suggest locations, but I want this to be a collaborative experience.  I am happy to accommodate you if you want specific colors or looks!  We can pick one location to meet like in the studio, outside, in a local business like a coffee shop, in an urban environment, or somewhere else, depending on the look you are going for.  I will make the arrangements!  In most cases, you can see your images and make your choices immediately while still on location.  Once you choose your final pose or poses, I will retouch the photos based on your requests and deliver multiple image sizes so that they will be ready to use!  You have seven (7) days to make other retouching requests. I recommend professional hair and make-up for headshots, but it is not required.  I can make arrangements for you!

Pricing typically starts at a $125 session fee 
and includes one retouched pose with various cropped images 
for locations within 10 minutes of my studio.
Each additional pose is $30.
*Discounts cannot be applied to headshot sessions.
Here is a sample of the photos you can get from three (3) poses with minimal retouching, not all of the images provided are shown:
Branding Sessions
Branding sessions are used to tell a story with pictures about you, your business, or a product line.  They are more involved with vision consultation, story/message development, styling, use of image planning, and more!  We will discuss how you want to use these images to maximize your time and gallery.  I really enjoy branding sessions because they mostly involve your passion and I would love to support and promote you in the best way I can.  I also love that this is a great collaborative experience!  I love to see God working in the talent and passions of others!
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