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Senior Year
Senior year is a big deal in so many ways.  It is an emotional time filled with both joy and sadness at the same time.  It also has so many memorable moments. It is a culmination of all the training and preparation that parents make for their son or daughter for their entire life up to this point (Proverbs 22:6).  It truly is a time to celebrate for all!  It is a time of transition to let that arrow fly (Psalm 127:3-5) and see what God has planned for them. Remember, they know you will always be there for them.  This is not a goodbye, but an exciting "What's next?!"  Cherish this year!
Formal Senior Session
Senior sessions are a great opportunity to express who you are at this moment of your life.  My goal is to capture who you are in a series of images.  During our planning session, we will discuss your personality, interests, possible plans, and more!  No one knows the future, so don't worry if it does not come to fruition.  We are capturing this moment and possibilities, not the future.  

Senior Sessions are generally held during the summer before or early fall of the senior year.  You don't want to take pictures in the winter when backdrops can be brown and boring.  Public schools generally want senior portraits by November.  Homeschoolers will want formal portraits when applying for graduation ceremonies and any yearbooks they are eligible for at local co-ops.  Plus, let's be honest, parents want these photos as a keepsake of their child.  I offer two different types of sessions, full sessions or mini-sessions, to accommodate the preferences of any senior.
Full Sessions
Individual Full Sessions are for seniors who want to have the time to change into multiple outfits and capture the different interests and hobbies that express this time in life.  I recommend at least 2 hours for this because the time does fly!  I do extensive planning with your senior in mind, plan locations, and do outfit consultations. During this consultation, we will discuss your vision and I will make my final session length recommendation based on that. I will provide a pop-up changing booth during your session to provide.  Parents and friends are welcome, and encouraged, to attend based on the comfort and preference of the senior.  If your senior has a significant other, they are welcome to attend and can participate in a few photos, but the session's focus will be on the individual.  Photos will be fun and tasteful.  Seniors, within reason, call the shots!
A senior who loves flowers, music, dancing, and longboarding in an urban environment!
Formal Portrait Add-On is available as well.  This is particularly useful for homeschooler parents who remember some of these traditions that came with being a senior if you were public schooled.  At this time guys will need to provide a suit, a fitting addition to any young man's wardrobe as they enter adulthood, but I will provide a velvet drape for girls.
Group Full Sessions are fine and there is no extra charge! I will need a lead parent to be the primary point of contact and then feel free to grab a bunch of friends together and split the cost of the session.  I am game!  You need to decide if you want to purchase individual Image Collections, get one as a group, or a mix of the two. Also, understand that image variety will be limited.  Instead of focusing on the interests of participants, the session will be focused on fun and friendships, but it will include individual portraits as well.  If capturing the individual personality and interests of your senior is important, I recommend an individual full session with a tagalong.
The most important thing to me is for a senior to feel comfortable.  Some seniors don't want to make a big deal about being a senior and only want a few pictures.  If this is your senior, please don't force them.  You will be amazed at how much I can accomplish in 5-15 minutes! 
Some Images From a Five-Minute Mini Session with 35+ Previews Delivered
Graduation is a huge accomplishment and I want to celebrate it with you!  Sign up for ten (10) minute mini sessions including cap and gown portraits and group shots with parents, family, and other attendees.  There is also an option to get a professional headshot, a useful tool as they launch into adulthood. Making a good first impression is very important and I am here to help!
Upcoming Graduation Mini-Sessions:
Traditional + Fun
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